Quick & easy spicy soy sauce

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N x Soy sauce
\N x Garlic powder
\N x Powdered ginger
\N x Sesame oil
\N x Hot oil

I tend to cook without recipes and with a real eye to quickness. In other words, I'm lazy. Thought I'd share a couple ideas I've come up with recently (obviously I never measure anything--sorry).

To a partly-full bottle of soy sauce, I add some garlic powder and some powdered ginger and a little sesame oil and hot oil. I keep this around (haven't needed to refrigerate it), shake it up and sprinkle a bit over steamed vegetables (my favorite is green cabbage, sliced finely). A little goes a long way so I think the fat from the oils is negligible. The flavor they add is significant.

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