Potato triangles

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Boiled mashed potatoes
4 slices Bread
1 tablespoon Cheese grated
1 \N Green chilli chopped fine
½ teaspoon Tomato sauce
\N \N Salt to taste
1 \N Tiny sprig of spring onion chopped fine
1 tablespoon Butter
½ cup Milk

Mix well all the ingredients except bread, butter and milk keep aside.

Take milk in a plate. Dip a slice of bread in it for a second.

Remove and place on the board.

Spread some potato mixture in a layer on it.

Warm griddle, grease with butter, lift bread carefully with spatula and place on griddle, potato side down.

Roast on low till golden and crisp.

Flip over roast bread side similarly cut into half triangles.

Cool on mesh, before packing with sauce.

If the griddle is big make 2-3 slice at a time.

Makes: 8 triangle's

Making time: 20 mins.

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