Pineapple feather cake

Yield: 12 - 16 servi

Measure Ingredient
1½ cup Pastry flour
¾ teaspoon Baking powder
6 \N Eggs separated
½ cup Pineapple juice
1 tablespoon Lemon juice
1½ cup Sugar
¼ teaspoon Salt
1 \N Egg white -or-
2 tablespoons Liquid egg white
2 \N Tabelspoons pineapple juice
2 cups Powdered sugar



Published in the September 2, 1998 issue of the Los Angeles Times, in the Times Past Column written by Leilah Bernstein..."this recipe for Pineapple Feather Cake was printed on the "Of Interest to Women page on May 1, 1933..

The recipe was originally published without an icing recipe. The icing calls for an egg white, which doesn't get cooked. To be safer, you can substitute liquid egg whites, which carry less risk of salmonella infection." This recipe follows the introduction of canned pineapple juice by Dole, in 1929.

1. Sift together flour and baking powder 4 times.

2. Beat egg yolks, pineapple and lemon juices and 1 cup sugar until light and thick about 5 minutes.

3. Beat egg whites and salt, in another bowl until foamy. Continue beating whites while gradually adding remaining ½ cup sugar until whites are stiff but not dry.

4. Fold whites into yolks. Fold flour mixture ¼ at a time into egg mixture until thoroughly combined.

5. Pour into tube pan lined on bottom with wax paper. Bake at 325 degrees until top springs back when lightly touched with finger. 50 minutes to 1 hour. Let cool in pan. Turn out onto serving plate.


1. Whisk together egg white, pineapple juice and powedered sugar.

2. Pour over cake and spread with spatula.

202 calories; 84 mg sodium; 80 mg cholesterol; 2 grams fat; 43 grams carbohydrates; 3 grams protein; 0.03 gram fiber Posted to JEWISH-FOOD digest by Linda Shapiro <lss@...> on Sep 07, 1998, converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.

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