Persimmon pulp

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
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As a followup to the requests of a few weeks ago, here are some persimmon recipes that my mother sent. I can swear that the pudding is good, especially when served hot with whipped cream or just cream poured over it. We use the wild persimmons and just run them through a food mill after removing the stems in order to get the pulp. I assume you can do much the same thing with the larger, store-bought variety. One additional note of interest, it's said that the persimmon seeds can be used to predict the weather. Cut a seed in half and look at the tiny plantlet (or whatever it's called) inside.

If it looks like a spoon, the winter will be very snowy. A knife shape indicates a cold and windy winter, and a fork means that the winter will be mild.


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