Luncheon salad plates

Yield: 1 servings

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MELANA. For each serving, halve peeled banana lengthwise; brush with lemon juice. Arrange halves, with cut sides up, side by side on plate. Place melon balls (cantaloupe, honeydew, and/or watermelon) at each end and between halves. Garnish with chicory and salted peanuts.

Beside salad, place hot biscuits filled with slivers of ham. Pass Lemon French Dressing; guest helps himself.

FRUIT PLATE UNUSUAL. For each serving, select 3 or 4 fruits or fruit groupings below- arrange on nests of greens, with low sherbet glass punch cup, or lettuce cup of Golden Cream-Cheese Topping in center or on side of plate. Pass dainty-sized tongue sandwiches. Peeled peach halves Grapefruit or orange Strips of melon (any and figs sections type) Unpeeled apricot Strawberries or Chunks of banana, halves and fresh cherries with stems fresh, frozen, or prunes Unpared pear quar- canned pineapple Small bunches seed- ters, red plums, Unpared apple slices less or other grapes nectarines BIG FRUIT. For each serving, prepare 2 or 3 pared slender strips chilled cantaloupe or honeydew or both. On top and beside melon arrange pitted Bing cherries, canned pineapple chunks, banana cube walnuts, cress. Pass Lemon-Cream Mayonnaise.

MELON RING. For each serving, place 2"-thick pared slice of seeded cantaloupe on crisp lettuce. Fill with blueberries and seedless grape Top with fruit milk sherbet. Garnish with sharp-cheese-and-nut balls.

SMALL FRY. For each serving, use bed of shredded lettuce, canned peach half topped with cottage cheese; small banana, split lengthwise, fill with peanut butter, then cut into chunks; raisin-bread-and-butter sandwiches. Serve with Honey French Dressing.

GOLDEN. For each serving, fill half a seeded cantaloupe with canned frozen pineapple chunks; top with chive cream cheese and sprigs water cress. Beside melon, place toasted corn muffins. Pass French dressing.

WEST-COAST SPECIAL. For each serving slice some avocado onto nest of water cress; flank with finger sandwiches of curried chicken salad.

Around this, arrange horseshoe of overlapping orange slices. Place cheese-stuffed, nut-topped celery in center of horseshoe. Pass Pineapple French Dressing.

GOLDEN GIRL. For each serving, top nest of coleslaw with 2 pineapple slices and 2 cream-cheese apples. Add several carrot curls and ripe olives; beside slaw, place toasted English muffin. Pass Chutney French Dressing.

FRUIT BLUE PLATE. For each serving, heap blueberries on fresh canned pear half- add drizzle of honey. Slice fluted banana into round place beside pear. Dress with Smooth Cottage-Cheese Topping. At side, place toasted peanut-butter sandwiches.

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