James beard summer sandwich ideas+

Yield: 1 servings

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James Beard had to say about sandwiches that they, like so many ordinary foods, are often treated carelessly. They can make wonderful outdoor meals if prepared properly with the best ingredients. The major consideration is the bread. Don't use cottony, thick sliced white type that is so widely sold. The best sandwiches are made of very thin slices of firm bread and plenty of tasty filling. If you can't get bread of good, firm texture at your grocery store, search the neighborhood for those long thin loaves of French bread. Or find a bakery where you can get good homemade style bread, or rye bread.

Have your butter soft so it will spread evenly. Sometimes a little flavor added to the butter makes the sandwiches tastier. Try adding a little garlic to the butter for the meat fillings, a little lemon and parsley for the fish fillings, mustard-prepared or dry for ham or chicken, and curry whenever you like it.

Spread the bread well with the butter and top it with plenty of filling. cover with another slice of bread, press down dirmly, and either cut in two pieces or leave whole. Wrap each sandwich seperately in foil or waxed paper. Put them in the refrigerator to chill. This always makes them better.

If the fillings you have selected tends to make the bread soggy, carry them in separate containers and assemble your sandwiches on the site of your picnic.

Here are some suggestions for fillings: * Thinly sliced Italian or Bermuda onions sprinkled with salt * Thinly sliced cucumber with mayonnaise * Thin slices of chicken with mayonnaise * Thin slices of rare roast beef with mustard butter * Thin slices of old fashioned baked ham (not the boiled ham sold in most groceries) with mustard or chutney * Club sandwich: Toast slices of bread. On the bottom slice spread butter, then mayonnaise, then place a piece of lettuce, top it with a sliced tomato, sliced chicken, and cooked crisp bacon. Add more mayonnaise and

top with the other slice of toast. Press together and wrap in foil * Chopped cooked chicken livers and chopped egg, mixed together, seasoned

with onion, and moistened with chicken fat of mayonnaise * Chopped shrimp, seasoned with a bit of onion and parsley and moistened with mayonnaise * Lobster tail thinly sliced, seasoned with salt and pepper and spread

with mayonnaise * Chopped, egg, pickle, and mayonnaise * Head cheese * Cream cheese, smoked salmon, and onion * Corned beef, sliced pickle, and onion * Cold roast lamb with pickle relish and curry butter * cold sliced steak with mustard * Ham and Swiss cheese * Tongue and mustard * Tongue, cheese, and horseradish MM format courtesy Mary Riemerman Submitted By MARY RIEMERMAN On 06-30-95

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