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\N \N and deep-fried
\N \N skewer and grilled
\N \N portions of food
\N \N green chilies and mint
\N \N cold water and drunk throughout India
\N \N pot placed over live coals and damp hay
\N \N foods, particularly desserts and festive rice

ROTI bread

SA'AB short spoken form of the word "sahib" or master SAFED SARVO white soup (Gujarti) SAMBAR a South Indian dal dish SAMOSA triangular cones of dough, stuffed with meat or vegetables

SAROTA betel nut cutter SEEKH same as seekh kabab SEEKH KABAB ground meat, mixed with spices, stuck around a thick SHAHI TUKRA a cold bread dessert SHAKORA disposable bowls of red clay used for holding individual

SHAMI KABAB ground meat patties, generally stuffed with minced onions,

SHARAB liquor

SHARABI KABABI one who likes to eat and drink SHURBUT fruit juice or other flavoring syrups, diluted with ice-

SIL BATTA the two parts to the North Indian grinding stone SINDHI GOSHT meat cooked in the style of Sindh SINGHARA a fresh-water fish SONF fennel seed

SOOKHE ALOO dry potatoes

SUPARI betel nut

TANDOOR clay oven used for baking and broiling TANDOORI cooked in a tandoor TARKA same as baghar

THAL a metal tray

THALI a metal plate

THANDAI a cold drink made with milk, almonds, and cardamon TOOVAR DAL same as arhar dal UNDA egg

UNDHYA a vegetable dish from Gujarti cooked in an earthenware URAD DAL a yellow split pulse that tuens slightly gooey when cooked

USLI GHEE clarified butter VADEES same as baris

VARK gossamer-thin edible silver foil, used for garnishing YAKHNI flavored meat broth used for cooking rice ZAAFRAAN saffron

An Invitation to Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey ISBN 0-394-48172-0 pg 279-285

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