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\N \N hot oil, ghee, or usli ghee, used for flavoring
\N \N meats, vegetables, dals, and relishes
\N \N apple, tasting somewhat like a combination of the two
\N \N Dehradum region
\N \N baking powder or both
\N \N flour
\N \N vegetarian
\N \N persimmon

AAM PAPAR sour mango pulp, dried in sheets ALOO-KI-TIKIYA potato patties

ALPHONSO MANGO an expensive sweet variety found in the Bombay region AMCHOOR dried, raw mango, powdered or in slices ARHAR DAL a yellow, split pulse ATA whole-wheat flour BAASI stale


BADAMI ROGAN JOSH a rich meat dish with almond sauce BAGHAR different combinations of spices and flavoring dropped in


BAIGAN-KA BHARTA smoked, mashed eggplants, plain or with yogurt BAIR a small fruit, shaped like a plum with the texture of an

BARIS dried lumps of powdered pulse BASMATI an expensive, fine-grained, fragrant rice grown in the BENARESI from Benares

BHARTA see baigan-ka-bharta BHATURA a deep-fried bread made from white flour, using eggs or

BIRYANI a festive dish combining rice with spiced meat or chicken

BOHRIS a Muslim, Gujarti-speaking community BOONDI-KA DAHI a yogurt dish containing tiny dumplings made of chickpea

BOTI KABAB cubes of marinated meat, skewered and grilled BRAHMIN an Indian belonging to the highest caste and tradionally

CHANA chickpea

CHANA BHARTURA a spicy chickpea dish served with bhaturas CHANA DAL a split pea pulse CHANA MASALEDAR a spicy chickpea dish CHAPATI a flat bread made of whole-wheat flour CHEEKOO a round, sweet, grainy dark-brown fruit, somewhat like a

"CHHI, CHHI, CHHI" "dirty, dirty, dirty" CHHOLA chickpea, green, dried or cooked CHHOWNK same as baghar

CHIMTA Indian tongs

CHOONA lime (white, alkaline earth) paste DAL pulse

DALDA brand name of an Indian vegetable shortening DELHI-WALLAH a resident of Delhi "DEY DAL MAY PANI" "put water in the dal" DHANIA (FRESH) Chinese parsley An Invitation to Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey ISBN 0-394-48172-0 pg 279-285

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