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\N \N \"mulligatawny\" soup
\N \N name from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century and
\N \N introduced to it Persian-style foods, jewelry,
\N \N furnishings, etc.
\N \N onions
\N \N as well as foods pickled in water
\N \N the walls of a clay oven, or tandoor
\N \N katechu paste, betel nuts and other spices, nuts or
\N \N tobaccos, according to desire
\N \N the green betel leaves as well as the various nuts and
\N \N spices needed in their preparation
\N \N griddle with a little shortening, usli ghee, or butter
\N \N seeds

LOBHIA black-eyed peas LONG cloves MALPU Indian pancakes in syrup; a dessert MASOOR DAL a salmon-colored split pulse MILAGU- TANNIR Tamil word for "pepper water" and origin of the name MISRI old-fashioned rock candy MOGHLAI of Moghul tradition MOGHULS Muslim Mongols or Tartars who ruled India in fact or in


MOONG DAL a small yellow split pulse MULLAH DO PYAZA a dish made with meat and often an equal quantity of MURGH MUSSALLAM a whole chicken cooked in a thick sauce MUTKA a round pot of red clay used for storing and cooling water

NAAN a large, tear-shaped leavened bread, generally baked on

NARGISI KOFTA meatball stuffed with a hard-boiled egg OM "I am" (Sanskrit) PAAN betel leaf; betel leaf stuffed with quicklime paste, PAANDAAN a metal box with trays and compartments, designed to hold

PAKORI dumpling or fritter PAPAR pulse wafer

PARATHA a flat bread made with whole-wheat flour and cooked on a

PARVAL a small squashlike green vegetable, with crisp egglike PHIRNI a cold dessert made with thickened milk and crushed ice

POORI a puffy, deep-fried bread made of whole-wheat flour PULLAO a rice and meat dish PYAZ onion

PYAZWALA KHARE MASALE KA GOSHT meat with whole spices and onions PYAZWALE SOOKHE ALOO dry potatoes with onions QAVVALLI poem sung in a particular style by a group of people "QUON BHAI CHAI HOJAI" "Well now brother, how about tea?" RAHU a large fresh water fish RAITA a dish made with yogurt and a vegetable RAJMA DAL red kidney beans RATH brand name of an Indian shortening ROGHAN JOSH meat cooked in a Muslim style to look dark red and rich

An Invitation to Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey ISBN 0-394-48172-0 pg 279-285

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