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\N \N onions
\N \N cinnamon, cloves and cumin
\N \N offer to sacrifice his son, Ishmael (according to the
\N \N Koran), celebrated by animal sacrifices and feasting
\N \N patties
\N \N \"curry\"
\N \N food
\N \N peppercorns, cardamon pods, cinnamon sticks, cloves,
\N \N red peppers
\N \N scrambled eggs or various combinations of rice and
\N \N liquid evaporates, used as a base for many Indian

DO PYAZA dish, generally meat, cooked with lots of fried, sliced

DUBBUL ROTI Western-style, leavened loaf bread DUMBA fan-tailed shrimp, generally cooked at festive occasions

ELAICHI cardamon

FALSA a tart, red berry GAJAR-KA HALVA a dessert made with grated carrots and milk GARAM hot

GARAM MASALA a spice mixture containing black pepper, cardamon, GHEE vegetable shorting GULAB JAMUN fried milk balls in syrup; a dessert HALVA certain desserts made with vegetables or flours ID Bakra-Id, a Muslim religious festival honoring Abraham's

JAIN member of the Jain religion, which abhors all killing JAMUN a tart, purple, juicy plumlike fruit KABAB skewered, grilled meat, cubed or ground. Also ground-meat KABLI CHANA chickpea

KALONJI black onion seeds KARHAI wide bowl-shaped utensil, used for deep frying KARHI a souplike dish, made with chickpea flour and buttermilk

KARI Tamil word meaning sauce; possible origin of the word KARI LEAF small green leaf used to flavor certain dishes KATORI small metal bowl used for serving individual portions of

KATTHA red katechu paste, used in preparing betel leaves KHANSAMA a chef, generally of the Anglo-Muslim tradition KHARA MASALA a combination of whole spices, generally bay leaves, black


KHARE MASALE KA GOSHT meat cooked with khara masala (see above) KHATTE ALOO sour potatoes

KHEEMA ground meat, raw as well as cooked KHEER a cold dessert made with thickened milk and rice KHITCHERIE a word meaning "hodgepodge," it could be used for dals

KHITCHERIE UNDA scrambled eggs

KHOYA a substance formed by boilong milk down until all the desserts

KOFTA meatball

KORMA a rich meat dish KULFI an Indian ice cream made with thickened milk and nuts An Invitation to Indian Cooking by Madhur Jaffrey ISBN 0-394-48172-0 pg 279-285

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