Glossary of indian cooking terms #1

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Measure Ingredient
from the killing of animals or insects
and spices
dal, yogurt salads,vegetables,
and some meat and poultry preparations
marinated, skewered and grilled
pans twice a day
honey or sugar, and garnished with
long-grain rice
tomatoes, and herbs
white flour, rolled into circles and
for pilafs
chicken separately as korma and then
folding fragrant rice into it. Lamb
biriyani is generally flavored with
saffron and screw-pine essence, and
garnished with nuts and silver foil.
western coast of India), sun-dried,
sold as a wafer
skewered, and grilled
priestly caste - the topmost of the
Hindu castes
(others being, in order of importance,
ksatryas (the warrior class, vaishya
(trader), and shudra (Cultivator or
Untouchables are outcastes, and
chamaar (leather worker), bhangi
and dhobi (laundryman)

Aam ripe mango fruit Aata flour; whole-wheat flour Achar pickle Adrak fresh ginger root, also known as green Agni God of fire worshipped by Vedic Indians

A-himsa non-violence; the doctrine of refraining

Ajwain carom seeds also known as lovage Akroot walnut Aloo potato Amchoor mango powder made from sour mangoes Anardana dried edible seedlike fruit of the Anda egg Appalm lentil wafers Arbi Indian starch root vegetable Arhar Dal lentils Arwa Chawal long-grain rice Aur and Badaam almond Badaami meat or chicken, cooked with ground almonds

Bade small doughnut-shaped fried bean dumplings

Bade Elaichi black cardamon pods Badshahi emperor's Bag Bazaar famous market in Calcutta Bagda Jheengari giant prawns Baghar spice-perfumed butter used for flavoring


Baigan eggplant Bakara or bakari goat Bakare ka Gosht goat's meat Bandh Gobhi cabbage Bara Jheenga lobster Barfi fudge Barista crisp fried onion shreds used in Moslem

Barra Kabab thin strips of boneless loin or rib meat,

Bartan Maanjhane Wali paid worker who cleans dishes, pots and

Basoondi dessert made with rabadi, sweetened with


Basmati generic name of a variety of Indian Beans green beans Besan chick-pea flour Bhara stuffed Bharta smoked eggplant fried with onions, Bharva same as Bhara Bhatoora leavened dough made of yogurt, potatoes and

Bhindi okra Bhojia vegetables stir-fried with spices and Bhona fried Bhonao the technique of frying onions and meat

Bhone piaz ke Lachee crisp fried onion shreds used as garnish

Bhorji scramble, generally applied to scramble of

Biriyani an elaborate pilaf made by cooking meat or

Biswa Tulsi sweet basil, the common supermarket variety

Bombil, or Bombay Duck small transparent fish (found along the


Boti Kabab boneless pieces of meat, marinated, Brahma the supreme Hindu God, the creator of the

Brahmin priestly caste, or person belonging to four



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