Glossary of indian cooking terms #3

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\N \N spicesþþa specialty of Andra Pradesh
\N \N the supreme God, and worshipping the
\N \N Vishnu or the God Shiva
\N \N stuffed with nuts and raisins, and
\N \N or broiled
\N \N centered in the state of Gujrat),
\N \N by Mahavira (599-527 B.C.) with
\N \N their sacred scriptures
\N \N sea - a fish
\N \N return new stainless steel utensils
\N \N mixture
\N \N green pepper, flavored with lemon
\N \N simmered in yogurt with spices and
\N \N vegetables
\N \N wok, used for frying food
\N \N chick pea flour besan
\N \N brass utensils
\N \N urad) cooked with sweet butter,
\N \N fresh herbs
\N \N kari plant
\N \N dry fenugreek leaves
\N \N portions of dishes
\N \N with the ground meat
\N \N mung beans, and spices-perfumed butter
\N \N with spices
\N \N fried black mustard seeds

Halwai pastry chef Halwai ki Ducan pastry shop Hara Dhania fresh coriander leaves Hara Piaz scallion Hari Chutney ki Pullao pilaf made with fresh mint, coconut, and

Hari Gobhi broccoli Hari Mirch or Simla Mirch green pepper Heeng asafetida Hindu follower of Hindu religion, with Brahma as


Hussaini Kabab ground meat shaped in to thin sausages,


Imli tamarind Jain follower of Jain religion (primarily founded

Agamas as

Jaiphul nutmeg Jal Toori literally translated, cucumbers of the Javitri mace Jeera cumin Jheenga or Jheengari shrimp or prawn Kabab kabob Kabab Masala spice blend used for making kabobs Kabadiwala person who buys used clothes and gives in

Kacha raw Kachauri fried puffy bread stuffed with spicy bean

Kachoomar chopped or sliced onions, tomatoes, and


Kaddoo-kas vegetable grater Kadhi dumplings made with chick-pea flour and

Kadhai Indian cooking utensil similar to Chinese

Kajoo cashew nut Kala black Kala Channa small black chick-peas that also yield Kala Namak black salt Kalaiwala person who lines or recoats copper and Kalaunji onion seeds Kali Dal rich dish of black whole gram beans (sabat

spices, and

Kali Mirch black pepper Karchi stirring spoon Kari curry; also sweet aromatic leaves of the

Kari Podi curry powder Kashmiri Pandit Hindu from the state of Kashmir Kasoori Mathari savory crackers made with rich dough and

Kasoori Methi dry fenugreek leaves Katch lamb Katoori small metal bowls for serving individual

Keema ground meat; also the gravy dish cooked

Kekada crab Kesar saffron Kewra screw-pine Khansaama cook, chef Khara plain, unelaborate, with few spices Khas-khas white poppy seeds Khasa special Khatte sour Kheer pudding, rice pudding Kheera cucumber Khichari a porridge made with rice, yellow split

Khoobani apricot Khoshboo aroma Khoya milk cooked down to fudgelike consistency

Kofta kafta - ground meatballs simmered in sauce

Koosmali relish made with raw grated carrots and

Korma braising, braised, to braise Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni ISBN 0-688-03721-6 Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-02-94

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