Glossary of indian cooking terms #4

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Measure Ingredient
\N \N rounds and baked in the tandoor
\N \N milk, frozen in special conical molds
\N \N called Kulfi ka saancha
\N \N flavored with rose essence or rose
\N \N creamy tomato sauce with butter and
\N \N and flavored with fresh coriander
\N \N tomato sauce with spices
\N \N crushed fennel
\N \N seasonings and spices
\N \N gravy dish of ground meat and green
\N \N made with fried milk-fudge grains, a
\N \N specialty from the state of Kashmir
\N \N cumin, and fresh mint leaves
\N \N spices, and pickled in mustard oil
\N \N molasses, tomatoes, and spices, a
\N \N of Rajasthan State
\N \N yellow mung beans and spinach greens
\N \N by religion, brought Persian culture,
\N \N cooking techniques, and garnishes to
\N \N in the sixteenth century
\N \N mild-tasting spices used for flavoring
\N \N dishes of Moghul origin
\N \N death
\N \N broth), the origin of Mulligatawny
\N \N seasonings, and spices
\N \N Mohammad (A.D. 570-632) as prophet
\N \N dough and baked in the tandoor
\N \N cut in half to expose the egg, and
\N \N in onion gravy

Kulcha leavened white-flour dough shaped into Kulfi Indian ice cream made with cooked-down Lal Mirch red pepper Lassan garlic Lassi yogurt thinned with water, sweetened, and


Laung clove Lobhia black-eyed peas Maalik/Maalkin master/mistress Maan Dal black whole gram bean Maanz meat Maharaj/Maharajin male Brahmin cook/female Brahmin cook Machi fish Makhan butter Makhani Murgh cooked Tandoori chicken pieces simmered in



Malai cream (heavy, light, sour, and coconut)

Malai Kofta meatballs simmered in creamy, buttery Malpoora sweet whole-wheat crepes flavored with Masala spice, spices, spice blend, blend of Masala Bhoonana crushing spices Masala Peesana grinding spices Masalchi cook's assistant Masar Dal pink lentils Masoor Dal same as Masar Dal Matar peas, chick peas Matar Shufta vegetarian counterpart of Keema Matar (the


Mattha yogurt drink flavored with salt, roasted

Meetha sweet Mithai sweetmeat, sweets Meethe Neam ke Patte kari leaves Methi fenugreek seeds, fenugreek greens Mirchi ka Achar fresh red-hot chilies, slit, stuffed with

Mirchi ki Bhaji mild green chilies cooked in butter with


Moolee in coconut sauce Moong Badian fried mung bean dumpling made with pureed

Moong Dal yellow split mung beans Mughal Moghul - Turks, Mongol by origin and Moslem



Mughal Garam Masala classic blend of highly fragrant and Mughalai in the Moghul tradition Muharram the day of observation of Saint Hussain's

Mullagatanni Mullaga (black pepper) tanni (water or Soup

Mungaunde ki Bhaji Moong Badian simmered with tomatoes, Murgh or Murghi chicken Musalmaan Moslem - follower of Islamic religion with

Namak salt Namaste, Namaskaar Indian word of greeting Nan teardrop-shaped bread made with leavened

Nandi sacred bull - carrier of Lord Shiva Nargisi Kofta meatballs stuffed with whole eggs, fried,


Narial coconut Narial-kas coconut grater Naukar/Naukarani male servant/female servant Nimboo lemon, lime Obla boiled Oobalana to boil, boiling Op-phul by-products Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni ISBN 0-688-03721-6 Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-02-94

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