Glossary of indian cooking terms #6

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Measure Ingredient
\N \N potatoes or meat
\N \N ground meat and fresh herbs
\N \N with mint, ginger root, and spices,
\N \N into small patties and fried
\N \N religion (primarily centered in the
\N \N of Punjab), founded by Guru Nanak
\N \N (A.D. 1469-1538) with Granth Sahip as
\N \N principal scripture
\N \N nuts, and saffron
\N \N herbs
\N \N Chicken
\N \N almonds, spices, sugar, and whole milk
\N \N cucumber family
\N \N between 1500 and 500 B.c.
\N \N Muharram

Sambhar Namak white salt, table salt Samosa triangular savory pastries filled with Sarsoon mustard greens Saunf fennel; anise Sek Kabab thin sausage-shaped kabobs of broiled Selha Chawal converted rice Sem same as beans Sendha Namak rock salt Shahi royal Shamme Kabab ground meat and yellow split peas, flavored


Sharbat fruit punch Shorva soup Shiva the God of destruction or power Sikh bearded and turbaned follower of Sikh state

Sil-batta grinding stone Sonth dry ginger powder Sookha Dhania coriander seeds Sookha Masala Bhoonana frying spices Sooji semolina, farina Sopari betel nut Srikhand dessert made with drained yogurt, sugar,

Tadka same as Baghar Tahari spicy rice-and-peas dish with turmeric and

Tala deep-fried Talna deep frying Tamatar tomato Tandoor Indian clay oven Tandoori food cooked in a tandoor Tandoori Masala spice mix used for flavoring Tandoori Tari gravy Tava handless iron griddle Tej Patta bay leaf Tel oil Thal metal platter Thali metal dinner plate Thandai summer punch made with ground seeds, Tinda round gourd, a vegetable belonging to the

Tikka cutlet Toor Dal red lentils Toovar Dal same as toor dal Topshe a local fish sold in Bag Bazaar in Calcutta

Urad Dal white split gram bean Usli ghee Indian clarified butter Vanaspati Ghee vegetable shortening Vark silver foil Veda literature of the ancient Indians, compiled

Vedic referring to the period of the veda Vendaloo Goanese hot and pungent curry Vishnu the God of preservation Ya or Yakhni meat broth Yerra same as Jheenga Zaffran same as Kesar Zarda sweet saffron pilaf, traditionally made on

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