Glossary of indian cooking terms #2

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Measure Ingredient
\N \N chick-pea dish with spices
\N \N seasonings, shaped into patties and
\N \N fried
\N \N and spices, eaten as a snack or
\N \N cardamon
\N \N herb-laced yogurt, specialty of Punjab
\N \N State
\N \N pepper pods
\N \N chicken, lentil, and vegetable stew
\N \N or shellfish, cooked in double its
\N \N of onions
\N \N October to worship the Goddess Durga,
\N \N known as Kali or Parvati, the consort
\N \N Lord Shiva
\N \N Calcutta, Bengal
\N \N creamy milk
\N \N spices used in popular cooking of
\N \N India
\N \N for cooking
\N \N chain of hills along the western
\N \N India which rise sharply on the East
\N \N slope gradually toward the coast
\N \N region, similar to French morels
\N \N nuts and coconut
\N \N cooked with sugar and ghee to the
\N \N consistency of plum pudding

Chah tea Chakki grain mill Chakko knife Chakla marble or wooden board for rolling bread

Chalni strainer, sieve, sifter Channa dried chick-peas, garbanzos; also cooked

Channa Dal yellow split peas Chapati thin griddle-baked whole-wheat bread Chapli Kabab ground meat mixed with spices, herbs, and


Chat a cold dish made with vegetables, fruits,


Chaunk same as baghar Chaunk Gobhi Brussels sprouts Chawal rice Chenna Indian cheese Chimta tongs Choolha coal or wood-burning Indian mud stove Chota Piaz shallot Choti Elaichi green cardamon; also white bleached Chotoo Jheengari large shrimp or prawn Chukandar red beet Dahi Bhalle fried bean dumplings in spice-and Dal legumes (lentils and dried peas and beans)

Dalchini cinnamon Deghi mirch Indian paprika made from mild Kashmiri Dhakkan lid Dhania coriander Dhan-sak Masala spice blend used for making Dhan-sak, a

Dhooli urad white split gram bean Doodh milk Doodhwala milkman Do-piaza literally translated, means meat, chicken,


Ducan shop Dum Indian technique of pot-roasting Durga Pooja festival during the month of September and



Elaichi cardamom Eleesh fatty fish found in Hoogli river in Firni pudding made with rice flour, almonds, and

Gajar carrot Gajjak sesame brittle Ganth Gobhi kohlrabi Garam warm, hot Garam Masala spicy and highly aromatic blend of roasted


Geela Masala Bhoonana brown-frying onion, garlic, and ginger root

Geela Masala Tayyar Karana preparing onion, garlic, and ginger root

Ghara pottery or metal jug for storing water Ghat meaning "steps", generally applied to the

coast of


Ghee fat Gingelly light sesame oil Gobhi or Phool Gobhi cauliflower Gochian black beehive-shaped mushrooms from Kashmir

Gol round Golda Jheengari lobster Gosht meat Ground Nut Oil peanut oil Gujjia crescent-shaped sweet pastries filled with

Gulab rose Gulab Jal rose water Gulkand rose petals preserved in heavy syrup Haldi turmeric Halwa vegetables, lentils, nuts, and fruits, Classic Indian Cooking by Julie Sahni ISBN 0-688-03721-6 Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 11-02-94

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