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~papaya a large oval fruit with green to yellow skin. It has a sweet, creamy-textured flesh and tiny black seeds.

~parsnip a sweet and nutty-tasting root vegetable that is similar in appearance to a husky, pale carrot.

~phyllo paper-thin sheets of pastry dough used to wrap or layer fillings.

~pine nuts (pignoli) the edible seeds of certain pine trees. They are frequently used in pesto sauces or as a garnish for pasta dishes.

~porcini robust and full-flavored mushrooms with a bulbous light brown cap and a thick stem. They are commonly reconstituted from their dried state.

~port wine a rich wine made with zinfandel and other grape varieties and fortified with brandy.

~powdered egg replacer a dry mixture of starches and leavening agents used in baked goods to replace eggs.

~purple potatoes (Peruvian Blue) a medium-starch potato with dark blue skin and deep purple flesh. It is similar to the all-purpose Russet in size, shape and culinary uses.

~radicchio a bitter salad lettuce usually with round leaves and deep red and white coloring.

~rice malt syrup a thick, sweet syrup made from fermented rice and barley malt. It is used to replace honey and produces a less sweet taste.

~romaine green or red lettuce with a long, wide leaf and a crunchy, succulent taste.

~rosehips dried leaves of the dog rose plant. They are rich in vitamin C and used for their sharp, fruity flavor.

~rotini short, corkscrew-shaped pasta.

~rubbed sage the powdered form of an evergreen herb with gray-green, textured leaves and a highly aromatic scent.

~semolina flour flour milled from durum wheat. it is used primarily in making pasta.

~shallots small bulbs of the onion family that combine flavors of onion and garlic. Used extensively in French cooking.

~shiitake mushrooms large-capped, strongly flavored mushrooms often used in Japanese cooking. They are available both fresh and dried.

~silken tofu a soft, custard-like tofu available in soft, firm and extra-firm textures. it is packaged in aseptic containers and does not require refrigeration until it is opened.

~soy flour a dense, heavy flour made from soybeans that have been hulled, cracked, toasted and ground.

~soy margarine a butter substitute made from soybeans.

~soy milk liquid milk made from ground and boiled soybeans.

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 02-18-95

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