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~almond butter a smooth, creamy spread made from finely ground almonds ~ancho chile peppers (dried poblano chilies) Anchos are mild, smoky-flavored chilies that are broad, flat and heart-shaped. The powdered for, is known as ancho molido.

~Anaheim chile peppers (New Mexican) a mild green or red chile about 6" long. Its flavor is improved by roasting.

~arrowroot a starchy powder used for thickening. It is made from the root of a tropical plant and can be substituted for cornstarch in equal amounts.

~balsamic vinegar a rich reddish-brown semisweet vinegar made from white grapes.

~Belgian endive a small, canoe-shaped salad green with yellow or red leaves.

~brown rice syrup a sweetener made by fermenting rice and reducing the liquid to a thick syrup. It is similar in consistency to honey, but less sweet.

~brown rice vinegar a slightly sweet, naturally brewed vinegar made from fermented brown rice.

~Kalamata olives small, black, slightly tart olives often served whole in Greek salads.

~capers seed-like buds of a Mediterranean plant that are pickled and used as a condiment or garnish. ~carob a caffeine-free, chocolate-like flavoring made from the pods of the carob tree. Available powdered and in chips.

~cayenne pepper a very piquant spice made from dried, ground cayenne chile peppers.

~cŠpes French word for porcini mushrooms, which have a bulbous light-brown cap, a thick stem and an earthy flavor.

~chicory a bitter salad green with curly leaves and blue flowers. The roots are dried and ground into a coffee-like powder which is often used in Cajun and Creole cooking.

~chickpea flour toasted and milled chickpeas used in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. It is often combined with other flours in baked goods.

~chili powder a blend of ground chilies, garlic, cumin and oregano often used in Southwestern cooking.

~cilantro the fresh, aromatic leaves of the coriander plant, often used in Mexican, Asian and Indian cooking. It is sometimes labeled coriander or Chinese parsley.

~Colorado chile pepper dried red New Mexican or Anaheim chilies.

~crimini mushrooms (Italian brown) light brown, button-shaped mushrooms that have a more pronounced mushroom flavor than the regular white button variety.

~cumin a pungent seed used ground or whole, most often in curries, bean dishes and Mexican foods.

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 02-18-95

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