How to clean squid

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Cut through arms near eyes. With thumb and forefinger, squeeze out the
\N \N Inedible beak which is located near the cut. Reserve the tentacles.
\N \N Feel inside the mantle (main body) for chitinous pen. Firmly grasp pen and
\N \N Attached viscera; remove from mantle.

FOR Stuffed Squid or rings: Wash mantle thoroughly and drain. Stuff.

Or make rings by cutting across the mantle. Arms can be chopped, minced or left whole. FOR cutting strips and pieces: Lay mantle flat and cut down the center from top to tail. Spread open and wash thoroughly. Cut Mantle into size strips or pieces desired. Arms can be chopped, minced or left whole.

Submitted By JIM BODLE On 11-09-94

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