Herring under the blanket

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Potatoes; (up to 3)
1 \N Smaltz herring
½ \N Onion
1 can Beets; drained
\N \N Mayonnaise
\N \N Hard boiled egg and canned peas for decoration.

Source: Family recipe

Before you start, soak herring in water for couple hours. Boil potatoes.

Skin and debone herring. Peel potatoes and cut them into bite size cubes.

Spread potatoes on the bottom of medium oblong plate without space between cubes, but do not overlap. Spread thin layer of mayonnaise over potatoes.

In food processor, chop herring and spread it over mayonnaise leaving about ⅛" rim uncovered. Do not wash food processor bowl yet. In the same bowl, chop the onion and spread over herring. Go over the top of this construction with mayonnaise again. Now change chopping knife to the shredder and shred beets. Cover the whole thing with the shredded beets, sides and top, shaping it into a flat loaf. Spread mayonnaise over.

Decorate with slices of hard boiled egg and make a pea rim around the edge.

Refrigerate for couple hours before serving. It does not take that long to make as it seems.

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