Herbal honey

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Herbal honey is super simple to make. Get a clean jar, and make
Sure that it's sterilized good, and pack it with the herb of your
Choice. I recommend rose, mint, orange peel, Lemon peel, cinnamon,
Clove etc. The sweet herbs. I've even used lemon grass. Heat enough
Honey to fill the jar. Just to the point where it is steaming, but
Not boiling. Pour this over the herb, cap it, and let it sit in a
Sunny window for a few days. Strain out the used herb, and put a
Sprig of fresh in the jar with the flavored honey. That's it! It's
Super delicious, and doesn't keep very long around my house at all.
My daughter loves peanut butter and honey for lunch.
Herbal honey is similar to jelly. If you want to keep it for some
Time then process this in a hot bath for about ten minutes. Honey
Doesn't mold, and pasturized honey, the type you buy in the grocery
Store, usually won't spoil. The only kind of honey that you really
Have to watch out for is raw honey. It's not been pasturized at all.
To process honey get a pot of hot boiling water going. Use Mason
Jelly jars with the ring and lid for this. Dip your jars, and lids,


in the hot water and leave there for about 30 seconds to sterilize.

Then dry on paper towels. pour your herbed honey into the sterilized jars, add a sprig of fresh herb, and put the lid on. Submerge the jars in boiling water, and let sit for five to ten minutes. Always use pasturized honey to make herbal honey as raw honey can have botulism bacilli in it. And never give a small child even pasturized honey. Even the tiny amounts to be found in pasturized can be harmful to a child under the age of one. I usually don't bother even to process the honey if it's for home use. I just use the pasturized kind, and put up in sterile jars. I've never had any make me sick, or go bad yet, and I've been doing this for about four years now. Honey is not just honey, as so many people think. There are variations of honey that should be addressed. Whatever is available, locally, is what you will get in your honey. Wildflower honey is wild honey.

That means that it's been obtained in a semi wild area where alot of wildflowers are expected to grow. Everything from violets to hedge rose. It's probably one of the most potent forms of healing honey one can use. It's also a bit more expensive than other types of honey.

Then there is orange blossom honey. There is nothing guaranteed to relax a person more than a cup of herbal tea with one or two teaspoons of orange blossom honey in it. Orange blossom is a calmative. Then there is clover honey. And this is slightly anodyne.

For the making of herbal honey I recommend that you use orange blossom or wildflower honey. Both seem to take to the herbs you use much better than the clover honey does. Clover honey, though, is great for skin problems. Just spread this on the face, let set for about fifteen mintues, and wash off with a warm wet washcloth. Steam the face with mint tea afterwards, and it will get out any impurites in the skin you might have. Very relaxing also if combined with a hot bath.

Submitted By MARGE CLARK On 5-26-95

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