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GENERAL: Fresh herbs (free of stems or wilted leaves) may be used as : sprigs or chopped fine. Dry herbs are at least 3 times as : strong as fresh herbs, so measure accordingly. To bring : out the flavor of dry herbs, soak them in lemon juice or : wine before using.

BASIL: Use with eggs, fish and cheese, meat loaf, hash, meat pie, : stews, venison, duck, tomatoes, tomato soup, spaghetti : sauces.

BAY LEAF: Use with meat pie, stews and soups, pea soup, tomato juice.

BORAGE: Iced tea, lemonade or claret cup, use young leaves in : salad.


CHERVIL: Fresh sprigs in green salad, chopped as a garnish on soup.

CHIVES: Cream/cottage cheese, egg, fish, potatoes, peas, carrots.

DILL: Pickles, fish sauces, cheese dishes, salads.

MARJORAM: Pork, lamb, meat loaf, hash, meat pie, stews.

MINT: Lamb dishes, new peas, tiny boiled potatoes, iced tea, : lemonade.

OREGANO: Spaghetti and tomato sauces, minestrone, pizza, salad.

PARSLEY: Garnish for eggs, meat, fish, salad. chopped finely, add : to cottage or cream cheese, on soup and creamed or boiled : potatoes.

ROSEMARY: Chicken, fish, lamb, pork, hash or meat pie. sprigs in g.

: salad.

SAGE: Use with sausage or pork dishes, and in stuffings.

SAVORY: Like sage only more delicate, omelets, salads and green : beans.

TARRAGON: Eggs, fish, chicken and veal, fresh sprigs in salad.

THYME: Fish, chowder, oyster or clam bisque, meat loaf, hash, meat : pie, stews, chicken, turkey and salads.

Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 06-19-95

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