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Some of the ingredients in the gluten-free and other allergy diets may be new to you. This list will give you a better understanding of what they are.

Amasake A fermented rice beverage. It is found in the refrigerated : section of most health food stores, either plain or flavored.

: It makes a nice substitute for milk in cooking, and a handy : snack.

Rice Bran The bran obtained from polishing brown rice. It is the ideal : replacement for wheat bran, and an excellent source of : vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, phosphorus and iron. It has a : short shelf life and should be stored in the freezer.

Rice A white starch flour milled from rice. It is noted for its Flour bland flavor which makes it suitable for a variety of uses. It : is available in several textures; regular and fine. Fine rice : flour of a medium grind blends well; while regular grind may : need slightly more liquid. Store in the refrigerator or : freezer.

Brown Rice Contains part of the bran and has a slightly higher nutrient Flour content than white rice flour. It adds a nutty flavor to : breads, muffins and cookies. Purchase where you know it's : fresh, and store in the freezer.

Sweet Rice An excellent thickener for gravies, sauces and puddings. It Flour lends a creamy texture and keeps liquids from separating when : refrigerated or frozen.

Corn A highly refined starch of corn and makes an excellent Starch thickener, especially for fruit sauces and desserts, puddings : and Asian dishes. It may also be combined with other flours : in baking. Substitute one-half the amount of corn starch for : wheat flour in recipes.

Potato A very fine white starch of potatoes. It is an excellent Starch thickener, and can also be added to other flours, in small : amounts, for baking. Use one-half the amount of potato : starch for wheat flour in recipes.

Potato A heavier flour, not to be confused with potato starch. It Flour works well in casseroles, sauces and soups.

Soy Has a high protein and fat content, with a slightly nutty Flour flavor. It is best used in combination with other flours, : and makes nice muffins, breads, waffles, and pancakes.

: Purchase in small quantities, and store in the refrigerator : or freezer. Some people, and many celiacs, are sensitive to : soy flour, so check before using.

Bean Such as pea, lentil, garbanzo or mung bean combine well with Flours rice flour to yield a higher protein blend. They can be used : in baking and also added to meat loaf, hamburger patties and : meatballs. Those with soy sensitivities may also be : sensitive to bean flours.

Xanthan A cream-colored powder that is made by controlled fermentation Gum of corn sugar. It is used as a binder, thickener, stabilizer : and emulsifier; it also works as a substitute for gluten in : yeast breads and other baked goods. It dissolves easily in hot : or cold liquids. Xanthan Gum is available in health food stores This brochure was developed by Patricia M. Baird, M.A., R.D.

Recipes were tested in the USA Rice Council test kitchen with the assistance of the Houston Celiac Sprue Association.


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Source: Basic Rice Recipes for those with allergies Reprinted with permission from USA Rice Council Electronic format courtesy of Karen Mintzias File

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