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DISSOLVE - To disperse a dry substance in a liquid to form a solution.

GLAZE - A mixture applied to food which hardens or becomes firm, and adds flavor and a glossy appearance.

GRATE - To rub on a grater that separates the food into very fine particles.

MARINATE - To allow food to stand in a liquid to tenderize or add flavor.

MINCE - To cut or finely chop food into very small pieces.

MIX - To combine ingredients, usually by stirring till evenly distributed.

POACH - To cook in hot liquid, being careful that food holds its shape while cooking.

PRECOOK - To cook food partially or completely before final cooking or reheating.

ROAST - To cook uncovered without water added, usually in oven.

SAUTE - To brown or cook in a small amount of hot shortening.

SCALD - To bring to a termperature just below the boiling point where tiny bubbles form at the edge of the pan.

SCALLOP - To bake food, usually in a casserole, with sauce or other liquid. Crumbs are often sprinkled on top.

STEAM - To cook in steam with or without pressure. A small amount of boiling water is used, more water being added during steaming process if necessary.

STIR - To mix ingredients with a circular motion until well blended or of uniform consistency.

TOSS - To mix ingredients lightly.

TRUSS - To secure fowl or other meat with skewers to hold its shape during cooking.

WHIP - To beat rapidly to incorporate air and produce expansion, as in heavy cream or egg whites.

Origin: Cooking with Love, compiled by Baptist Church in Oregon.

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