Filipino cooking terms part 2

Yield: 1 bit

Measure Ingredient

Noodles: Bihon - rice noodles Mika - wheat noodles Miswa- fine wheat noodles Pancit Canton - dried chinese noodles Sotanghon - mung bean starch noodle

Chinese ingredients: Ang-Chow - sediment or latak from glutinous rice wine. Chaysim - pechay with flowers (see veg. list in Part 1) Chorizo canton - Chinese sausage

Poultry: Kalapati pitson - squab Balun-balunan - gizzard Itlog ng pugo - quail eggs

Misellaneous: Atsueta seeds - annatto seeds Atsueta water - to make it; soak ½ c atsuete in 1 cup water, strain. Calamansi - native lemon Chorizo de bilbao - Spanish sausage Condensada - sweetened condensed milk Dayap - lime Linga - sesame seeds Morcillias - blood sausage Nido - bird's nest Patis - concentrated juice of salted fish, fish sauce Sago - tapioca Salltre - saltpetar; potassium nitrate Taingang-dago - black wood ear fungus From: Let's Cook with Nora by Nora V. Daza 1969 ISBN 971 08 1813 9 This book contains recipes from the Phillipine Islands, Europe and Asia. Typed by: Joell Abbott 9/94 From: Joell Abbott Date: 09-21-94

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