Gammon loaf

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 litre Waitrose Medium Farmhouse Cider; (1 1/2 pints)
1 \N Carrot and 1 onion; peeled and coarsely
\N \N ; chopped
1 \N Bay leaf
12 \N Peppercorns
\N \N Waitrose British Half Holiday Smoked; weighing
\N \N ; Gammon Joint, approximately
\N \N ; 1kg(2lb 4oz) -
\N \N ; 2kg(4lb 8oz)
5 \N Sheets Costa Flat Leaf Gelatine; cut into quarters
15 millilitres White wine or cider vinegar; (1tbsp)
15 millilitres Each of flat leaf parsley and fresh; chopped (1tbsp)
\N \N ; tarragon


Put the cider, vegetables, bay leaf and peppercorns into a large saucepan and bring to simmering point. Add the gammon and sufficient boiling water to just cover the meat.

Cover the pan and simmer gently for 55 minutes per kilo (25 minutes per lb). Serve the gammon with vegetables of your choice, hot but retain 500ml (18fl oz) of the cider stock and 500g (18oz) of the meat.

Cut the reserved meat into 1cm ( ½ ") cubes.

Put 75ml (5tbsp) of the cider cooking stock into a bowl, add the gelatine and leave for 10 minutes. Heat the remaining stock with the vinegar until simmering, remove from the heat and stir in the gelatine until dissolved.

Set aside to cool until the jelly begins to set.

Fold in the diced gammon and herbs, pour into a 900g (2lb) loaf tin, cover and place in the fridge to set overnight. To turn out, warm the bottom of the tin very slightly and slide a knife around the edge. Serve it with Waitrose Fresh Mayonnaise mixed with wholegrain mustard and some slices of pickled cucumber and capers.

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NOTES : The reserved meat from a gammon joint is used to make this delicious gammon loaf for a luxurious lunch or buffet dish.

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