Fri-dinner: make-ahead plan

Yield: 1 Schedule

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Up to 12 hours before serving:

1. Make soup to point of adding shrimp.

2. Make sauce for noodles; cook pasta and refrigerate.

3. Make triangles and reheat to serve.

4. MAke salad dressing; prepare greens, wrap in damp towels, then plastic bag.

5. Make sauce for dessert; freeze scoops of ice cream on waxed paper-lined tray.

6. Make chicken dish just before guests arrive; keep warm.

7. Finish soup recipe and serve.

8. Toss salad and serve with Tortilla Triangles.

9. Serve chicken dish.

10. Reheat dessert sauce; add banadas and serve over ice cream. Dinner Menu:

Hot-and-Sour Shrimp Soup [above] Sesame Chive Tortilla Triangles Stir-fry Noodles with Chicken in Peanut Orange Sauce Exotic Green Salad Bananas in Caramel Sauce

Source: Canadian Living magazine [Mar 95] Presented in an article by Bonnie Stern Recipes from Canadian Living Test Kitchen [-=PAM=-] PA_Meadows@... Submitted By "PAUL A. MEADOWS" <AG441@...> On FRI, 26 JAN 1996 001032 -0400

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