Nov-dinner: dinner menu planning schedule

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Dinner Menu: ~ Mushroom and Leek Pate ~ Make-Ahead Seafood Salad ~ Maple Orange Cornish Hens ~ Squash Crescents ~ Zucchini Ribbons ~ Two-rice and Sweet Pepper Pilaf ~ Ricotta Cheesecake with Citrus Compote

Up to 3 days ahead: - make Mushroom and Leet Pate Up to 2 days ahead: - make Ricotta Cheesecake Up to 1 day ahead: ~ wash, spin-dry, then wrap and refrigerate lettuce for Make-Ahead Seafood Salad ~ set Cornish hens on rimmed tray to thaw in refrigerator ~ organize serving platters, bowls and utensils ~ set table

Up to 8 hours ahead: ~ prepare Cornish hens up to seasoning; cover with damp paper towel and plastic wrap and refrigerate ~ dice red pepper and onions for Seafood Salad and Two-Rice and Sweet Pepper Pilaf, refrigerate ~ slice and drain zucchini for Zucchini Ribbons ~ cook shrimp and refrigerate and make dressing for Seafood Salad ~ partially bake squash for Squash Cresents ~ make citrus compote up to 1-½ hours ahead: ~ make sauce for Maple Orange Cornish Hens; let cool. Brush hens with sauce to glaze and have ready to roast so hens are finished cooking just as guests finish first course. ~ according to serving time, cook Two-Rice and Sweet Pepper Pilaf.

Up to 1 hour ahead: ~ assemble individual Seafood Salad plates without adding dressing; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

To serve: ~ dress Seafood Salad ~ finish cooking Squash Crescents and Zucchini Ribbons

Source: Canadian Living magazine Nov 95"No-Panic Party" Recipes by Canadian Living Test Kitchen

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