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Pamela Peters, a chef-instructor at Johnson & Wales University's College of Culinary Arts and a member of the Newport, Rhode Island Chapter of the ACF, has made plenty of chili in her time. She was introduced to this South- western stew in Atlanta while working as the sous chef at the Hyatt Hotel. "We used to make 25 gallons of chili at a time," she recalls. "That's enough chili for 500 people.

Chili is very big in the South. " A native of Virginia, Peters uses ground beef, tomatoes and black beans in her recipe. Her other ingredients beg to be paired. "The cilantro really calls for the lime juice, and the lime juice calls for the sour cream, and the sour cream calls for the Monterey Jack cheese," she explains. Her preference toward ground beef is a typical East Coast attitude.

"People everywhere are very serious about their chili," she says.

"And this is the only way would ever make it." "No way," says Frank Terranova, fellow faculty member and a member of the ACF Rhode Island Chapter. "The best chili is the authentic Texas-style chili. It's very heavy, like a ragout, without much liquid. I've played around with a lot of recipes, and it's really a matter of personal preference. I fell in love with the chunky Texan chili I sampled at a restaurant in Charleston in 1989. Most cooks on the East Coast use ground beef, but once you get past Chicago or down below the Mason- Dixon line, you'll find chili is made with diced meat" One thing these two chefs do agree upon is the spice that is essential in any pot of chili. Both are experts on spices. In fact, as members of the McCormick Spice Company Advisory Council, they are called upon to test new blends of spices, from Thai to Tex-Mex. Peters and Terranova are Certified Executive Chefs and Certified Culinary Educators.

Following are their respective recipes, plus one from Timothy M.

Murray, CC, director of apprenticeship for the ACFEI: Submitted By SHERREE JOHANSSON On 10-14-94

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