Bombay potato salad

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds White Rose potatoes
2 cups Fresh or frozen peas; (uncooked)
\N \N Seeds from 1 pomegranate; (optional)
1 medium Red onion; cut into thin rings
¼ cup Minced mint leaves
⅓ cup Fresh lemon juice
⅓ cup Peanut oil
1 teaspoon Garam masala
2 teaspoons Ground cumin
1 teaspoon Salt
\N \N Lettuce leaves
\N \N Mint sprigs

Cook the potatoes in boiling water until tender when pierced with a thin knife. As soon as they are cool enough to handle, cut the potatoes in quarters. Place in a large glass bowl with the peas, half of the pomegranate seeds, the onion rings and the mint. Set aside.

Whisk together the lemon juice, oil, garam masala, cumin and salt in a bowl. Then pour over the potato mixture. Toss gently. Line a bowl with lettuce, mound the potato salad and sprinkle the remaining pomegranate seeds on top. Garnish with mint sprigs. Serve warm or at room temperature.

(6 servings).

Garam masala, an Indian seasoning mix, may be found in Indian markets or gourmet stores. To remove the pomegranate seeds, cut about ¼ inch into the skin all the way around and then twist apart. Scoop seeds into a bowl (discard the pomegranate shell). By Joyce Dodson Piotrowski, Special to The Washington Post.

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