Artichoke hearts & proscuitto

Yield: 12 each

Measure Ingredient
14 ounces Artichoke hearts; drained/ halved
⅓ pounds Prosciutto; sliced paper thin
¼ cup Olive oil
½ teaspoon Thyme, dried
½ teaspoon Orange zest
Pepper, black; to taste

Wrap each artichoke heart in a slice of prosciutto and secure with a toothpick.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the olive oil, thyme, orange peel, and pepper. Pour the dresing over the roll-ups and let marinate 1 to 2 hours or as much as overnight.

Serve at room temperature.

12 to 16 roll-ups

: Source: The Uncommon Gourmet, by Ellen Helman : From: mnh@... (Michele Hardy) : found in the archives, : Stephanie da Silva (arielle@...), moderator Submitted By SAM WARING On 01-06-95

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