Artichoke heart ideas

Yield: 1 Servings

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1. This is very simple -- I invented it years ago and have served it to others who like it. Just quarter and dry the hearts, saute in a pan with quartered mushrooms, butter/margarine and some garlic. Makes a nice side dish with chicken and rice/potatoes.

BTW -- when using artichoke hearts I always drain them AND dry them (squeeze dry in a clean dish towel) thoroughly, otherwise they taste watery.

2. Buy some good fresh pasta and alfredo sauce at the grocery. Cook as directed and combine sauce with artichoke hearts, cooked shrimp, and mushrooms (I usually saute the mushrooms first). You could use cooked ham or chicken in place of the shrimp.

3. Saute artichoke hearts with some other stuff and mix with cooked rice.

The other stuff can include green onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes. This would be the stuff I would use -- you can make up your own list. I usually just look at what's in the fridge... Sauteing can be done in butter/margarine or oil or both combined. 4. Eat cold, dipped in a little mayonnaise.

5. Put in pasta salad.

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