Apple spice bread

Yield: 1 servings

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This is an experiment of my own that turned out great. I was waxing nostalgic over the terrific spiced apple cider a friend used to make every fall, and decided to see if we could make a bread out of it; I combined the cider spicing with bread recipe, tweaked a bit and enjoyed the result. This recipe makes 1 loaf on the Panasonic machine, modify as needed for your own or hand baking. 2¼ cups white unbleached flour 1 each large finely chopped, skinned, cored, seeded apple ⅞ cup water 2 Tbl dark brown sugar 1 Tbl powdered dry lowfat milk 1 ½ Tbl butter 1-3 tsp powdered orange peel (gives "bite", adjust as desired) 1 tsp cinnamon (don't go over 1 tablespoon) ¼ tsp cloves ½ tsp nutmeg large pinch of ginger ¼ cup finely chopped (or powdered with coffee grinder) sunflower seeds, pecans or other nuts [optional] 1 ½ tsp fresh yeast 1 tsp salt Put everything but yeast and nuts into bread machine. Add yeast and nuts during appropriate cycle. That's it. Different varieties of apple will change the taste a great deal. My personal favorites are Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. You can probably substitute margarine or veg oil for the butter, just adjust the water if using an oil. Don't substitute apple cider for the apple and water, you do not get a strong enough apple taste without making the dough too watery. Shared by: Sharon Allsup Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 11-16-94

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