Apple fritters (frittelle di mele)

Yield: 6 servings

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\N \N ISBN 0-02-009078-1; 1994

Wonderfully light and delicately crisp, these fritters are not too sweet and make a delicious ending to any meal.

3 tablespoons sugar Juice of ½ lemon 3 medium Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, and sliced into rounds about ¼ inch thick ⅔ cup all-purpose four 1 cup cold water Vegetable oil for deep frying Confectioners' sugar

1. Combine the sugar and lemon juice in a medium-size non-aluminum mixing bowl. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Add the apple slices, mix well, and allow to stand for 30 minutes.

2. Put the flour in a small mixing bowl and gradually add the water, beating with a wire whisk until the batter has the consistency of heavy cream.

3. Pour enough vegetable oil to fill a deep, heavy saucepan 1 inch deep and place over medium-high heat. Test the oil by dropping some batter into the oil. If it bubbles it's ready. When the oil is hot, slip the apple slices one at a time into the batter. Using a pair of kitchen tongs, remove the slices from the batter, letting any excess drip off, then put only as many apple slices into the hot oil as can fit in a single layer without touching. Cook until the underside is golden brown, 7 to 10 minutes, then turn and continue cooking until brown all over, another 3 to 5 minutes. Take the apple slices from the oil, drain on paper towels, and let cool slightly. Repeat until all the apple slices are cooked. Dust with confectioners' sugar and serve warm.

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