Yeast test recipe

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6⅝ pounds M&F light unhopped malt
\N \N Extract
¾ pounds M&F light unhopped spray
¾ pounds Crystal malt
1 teaspoon Gypsum
2 ounces Clusters hops (boil)
½ ounce Cascades hops (finish)
\N \N Ale yeast

This is a 7-gallon recipe. Steep crystal malt while bringing water to a boil. Remove crystal malt and add extract. Boil. This is a 7-gallon recipe that was divided into 7 1-gallon fermenters for the purpose of testing different yeasts. Fermentation was carried out at 75-85 degrees. Best results were obtained with Edme ale yeast which was well-rounded and slightly sweet. Some diacetyl, but nice balance. Whitbread ale yeast was lighter and crisper, but had a poorer head and some esters. CWE ale yeast was very dry but had a good head and no esters---fermentation was frighteningly fast.

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