Wine rice

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Raw rice
1 cup Fresh chopped tomatoes
½ cup Chopped onion
1 pounds Sliced mushrooms
½ cup Dry red wine
½ cup Reduced calorie margarine
\N \N Or
\N \N Olive oil
½ cup Grated parmesan ( optional
1 cup Cooked peas
1 teaspoon Salt
\N \N Vegetable broth or
\N \N Chicken broth( for non
\N \N Vegetarians )

Combine raw rice with broth ( ½ cup less than package directions for 1 cup of raw rice ). Add remainder of ingredients except margarine or olive oil and peas. Bring rice mixtureto a boil and cover and simmer 30 minutes or until rice is tender and liquid absorbed. Stir in cooked peas and margarine or oil. Less can be added of the fat to your liking. If using cheese, sprinkle on and mix gently. Delicious prepared both way( with or without margarine and cheese )

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