Vampire chaser's creamy dressing

Yield: 16 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Cottage cheese
½ cup Low-fat buttermilk
½ \N Lemon;peeled and seeded
4 \N Radishes;chopped
½ \N Green bell pepper;chopped
1 teaspoon Salt substitute
¼ teaspoon Garlis Lover's Herb Blend
1 dash Paprika


Place cottage cheese, buttermilk, and lemon in food processor or blender. Process or blend at high speed until smooth and velvety. Add all remaining ingredients, and pulse or blend at high speed until mixture is creamy and free of lumps. Per Serving: 17 calores; ⅖ g fat; 35 mg sodium; 1.3 mg cholesterol Source: Skinny Spices by Erica Levy Klein

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