Sugar maple

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Sugar Maple
\N \N Acer saccharum

In early spring, a long icicle of sap hanging from a broken limb signals the arrival of the sugaring season. The Iroquois collected the sap of the sugar maple to drink raw or to boil down into syrup and sugar. Lightly fermented, the sap was mildly intoxicating; heavily fermented, it made a prized vinegar. Seneca travelers filled empty duck eggs with the sugar syrup for a compact energy food. The Longhouse people still celebrate the gifts of the maple with a feast of thanksgiving; and the tree occupies a position of respect in their oral tradition. SOURCE:* The Conservationist Feb. 95, The New York State Department of Evironmental Conservation Magazine POSTED BY: Jim Bodle

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