Stove top smoking

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
⅓ cup Long grain rice
2 tablespoons Loose black ( Ceylon or Darjeeling) tea
2 tablespoons Brown sugar
½ cup Long grain rice
¼ cup Loose black ( Ceylon or Darjeeling) tea
3 tablespoons Brown sugar



Here is a technique described in the latest 'Food & Wine". (3/97) This is the Chinese method of wok smoking. All you need is a wok or old aluminun pot with a well fitting cover, a cake rack, lots of aluminum foil, and a smoking mixture of ordinary rice, tea and brown sugar. Sometimes aromatics like chile peppers are added. (I'll bet that clears the room out in a hurry.)

Many foods take well to this treatment. The biggest successes are with cheese, which really picks up a rich roasted flavor and practically melts.

Serve it like a dip with bread. You can also smoke chicken, duck, and sausages to have on hand for instant meals. The flavor only gets better over time. One way of entertaining is to set out drinks and smoked cheese and shrimp to eat while they are still warm and delectable.

The author uses two mixtures. Quick-burning yet fragrant, the light mixture gives a smokey flavor to foods that don't need to be cooked through. The strong mixture, which lasts up to 30 minutes, smokes and cooks food. The method is identical for both.

Basic Wok Smoking Method: Combine ingredients in a bowl. Line a 12-14 inch wok with aluminum foil allowing 4 inches of overhang. Put smoking mixture in bottom of wok. Set a 10 inch cake rack about 3 inches above mixture.

Set wok over moderate heat until thin streams of smoke begin to rise.

Arrange food to be smoked on rack in a single layer and place cover on wok.

Crimp the foil all around the lid to completely seal the wok.

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