Spiced orange tea cooler

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Grated peel from 1 orange
3 \N Whole cloves
6 \N Whole allspice
1 cup Boiling water
2 tablespoons Liquid sucaryl
1½ cup Orange juice
¼ cup Lime juice
1½ cup Tea,chilled

Simmer grated orange peel and spices in boiling water 20 minutes; strain. Add sucaryl,orange juice,lime juice,and tea.Pour over ice in 4 tall glasses.Garnish with orange slice,cherry and mint.

per serving; 44 calories, 1g protein, trace of fat, 11.g carbohydrates(with sugar -152calories.

1 serving - 1 fruit exchange

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