Simply sensational stuffing

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 quart Bread cubes; *see note
½ cup Chopped celery
½ cup Chopped onion
1 Garlic clove; minced
1 tablespoon Butter
2 cups Seedless grapes
1 teaspoon Dried thyme leaves; crushed
½ teaspoon Dried rosemary; crushed
¼ teaspoon Ground sage
¼ cup Chopped parsley
½ cup Chicken broth OR vegetable broth

Place bread cubes in single layer on tray or dish to allow them to dry while preparing other ingredients. In a large skillet, saute celery, onion and garlic in butter until onions are tender. Add remaining ingredients; mix well. Transfer mixture to buttered baking dish and bake at 325F 35 minutes or until thoroughly heated. For a crisp top, bake uncovered; for a moist dressing, cover and bake. Makes 6 servings. Serve with chicken, lamb or pork.

Nutritional Analysis Per serving 121 Cal., 3 g pro., 3½ g fat (24% Cal.

from fat), 22 g carb., 6 mg chol., 1.3 g fiber and 216 mg sodium.

California Table Grape Commission's Healthy Kitchen (c) 1996, 1997 Fresno, CA USA. Pamphlet.

Notes: Grapes add a juicy freshness to this light, delicious dressing. *For best results, use a dense type of bread for the cubes.

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