Sea vegetables (reference)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient

x Nori x Hijiki x Wakame x Kombu NORI: 8x10" paper-thin sheets. Green if pre-toasted, purplish if not. Also labeled 'dried laver'. Also available as confetti-like ribbons. For making vegan nori rolls (sheets) or sprinkling on top of soba noodles, etc. (ribbons). Nori can also be cut into squares and toasted in a dry frying pan to eat as a snack. Yum. My parents used to feed me this when I was a little kid.

HIJIKI: small ½-1" deep purplish-black strands. Expands to about 2" long flowerlike things when soaked. Strong tasting, good for soups.

WAKAME: long ½" wide dark-green ribbons, expands to 1" wide when soaked. Kind of slimy. Good in miso or in stir fries. Also sold as ¼-½" thick rounds about 10" in diameter, with a rough surface.

This is just a more 'condensed' way of storing the stuff as far as I can tell.

KOMBU: 8-10" wide, tough strips with a powdery white (salt) coating.

Used to flavor soup stocks, rice, etc. Can also be cut into squares and eaten but I don't like it, it's really tough and crunchy even when cooked for a long time. Maybe I just had a bad experience.

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