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There is no better vegetable source of minerals than sea vegetables.

Like the mineral-rich ocean, sea vegetables hold high quality calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and trace minerals including iodine.

They also contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E. EDEN Chooses only the finest grades of sea vegetables. Grown in environmentally clean waters, these premium grades are harvested at their nutritional peak and processed using traditional techniques.

AGAR-AGAR - gelatin from a variety of seaweeds, cooked together and allowed to harden; it is then cut into bars or made into flakes. Used in kantens, gelatins, jams, jellies, and toppings.

ARAME - a black seaweed with a mild, sweet flavor. Arame is great with other vegetables, or alone seasoned with brown rice vinegar and shoyu.

HIZIKI - black curls of seagrass; one of the most mineral rich foods.

A serving contains 10% of the daily recommended calcium intake. Very tasty cooked with other vegetables for interesting and nutritious side dishes.

KOMBU - sea kelp, highly valued as a flavor enhancer. Kombu cooked with beans tenderizes them and makes them easier to digest. Use in beans, soup stocks, or stews.

NORI - green laver or sea lettuce. Nori can be used as is, or toasted over an open flame or burner for a crisper texture. Crumble it into soups, vegetables or grains.

SUSHI Nori - tender, premium nori sheets toasted to a rich, deep green color, ready-to-use for sushi. Can also be used as a condiment or garnish.

WAKAME - best known for its beautiful green color and delicious taste in miso soup, but it is also wonderful in salads, side dishes, or as a condiment.

WAKAME FLAKES - an instant form of wakame, good in soups, salads, stir-fry, and as a condiment. Quick and easy to use.

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