Savory sauce

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ cup Almond oil; (or safflower oil)
¾ cup Water
¼ cup Liquid aminos; (I use soy sauce)
⅛ cup Brewer's yeast
¼ teaspoon Kelp
¼ teaspoon Spike seasoning [herb/vegetable salt substitute]
¼ teaspoon Basil
⅛ teaspoon Granulated garlic
1½ teaspoon Lemon juice
1½ teaspoon Tamari
1 pounds Firm tofu; rinsed well

from the Spot Restaurant, Hermosa Beach, CA Blend everything in the food processor or blender. Heat & serve. This stuff is dee-licious on steamed veggies, and freezes okay.

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