Ricotta pancakes with sauteed apples

Yield: 12 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 larges Eggs; separated
1¼ cup Whole milk ricotta
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 tablespoon Melted butter
1½ tablespoon Grated lemon zest
½ cup All-purpose flour
\N \N Oil for cooking the pancakes
\N \N Sauteed Apples; see * Note
\N \N Warm maple syrup

* Note: See the "Sauteed Apples" recipe which is included in this collection.

Whisk egg yolks, ricotta, sugar, butter and zest together in a bowl. Stir in flour until just combined. In a separate bowl beat egg whites until they hold stiff peaks. Carefully fold whites into the ricotta mixture. Heat a heavy griddle or skillet and brush lightly with oil. Drop the batter onto griddle in ¼-cup batches and cook until lightly golden (about 2 minutes).

Turn and cook the other side. Keep warm while cooking the rest of the pancakes. Serve immediately with Sauteed Apples and warm maple syrup. This recipe yields about 12 four-inch pancakes.

Recipe Source: COOKING RIGHT with John Ash From the TV FOOD NETWORK - (Show # CR-9652 broadcast 08-21-1996) Downloaded from their Web-Site -

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Recipe by: John Ash

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