Pumpkin with groundnut (peanut) sauce

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 medium Mashamba; or alternatively
\N \N ; butternut pumpkin,
\N \N ; peeled, seeded and
\N \N ; diced
500 millilitres Water
500 grams Groundnut; (peanut) paste
\N \N Salt or sugar to taste

Boil the mashamba or pumpkin in the water until cooked thoroughly. It should be very soft, ready to mash. Drain away excess water. Stir in the groundnut (peanut) paste. Mash both thoroughly to form a creamy, smooth paste.

Depending on your taste, add sugar or salt to make it sweet or savoury.

Serve hot or cold as a lunch. When cold, it sets to a jelly-like mass.

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