Okra shoyu-zuke (okra and onion pickles)

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
5 \N 6 thumb-size raw okra,
\N \N Thinly sliced on diagonal
½ \N Onion, thinly sliced (can be
\N \N Yellow or red/purple onion)
2 tablespoons Rice vinegar
2 tablespoons Shoyu

Place okra and onions in a container. Blend vinegar and shoyu. Mix well with okra and onions. Should be ready to serve in 1 hour I have not yet tried any of the recipes in the book, but I hope to and you may see some pickle recipes from me in the near future.

Source: From BOOK REVIEW: Tsukemono. Tsukemono are Japanese marinated vegetables or pickles. Kay Shimizu has a beautiful cookbook with over 100 tsukemono recipes. (_Tsukemono: Japanese Pickled Vegetables_, 1993. ISBN: 0-87040-910-7.) Posted by artemis@... (Michelle Dick) to the Fatfree Digest [Volume 15 Issue 5] Feb. 5, 1995.

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