Lemon grass seafood combination - pad po taek

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 tablespoons Oil
4 ounces Shrimp, Shelled & Deveined
4 ounces Scallops
4 ounces Fish Fillets Sliced 1/2" Thick
4 ounces Cleaned Mussels
¼ cup Green Curry Paste
¼ cup Coconut Milk
¼ cup Fish Sauce (Nam Pla)
1 tablespoon Sugar
⅛ cup Slivered Bamboo Shoots
1 Stalk Lemon Grass In 1" Long Pieces
¼ cup Sliced Green Bell Pepper
⅓ cup Sweet Basil Leaves

The flavor of fresh lemon grass balances the flavor of the seafood, serving the same purpose as the fresh lemon wedges served with seafood in other cuisines.

~------------------------------------------------------ ~----------------- Heat a large skillet and add the oil. Add all the seafood and saute for 2 minutes on high heat.

Add the remaining ingredients and gently combine. Cover the pan and continue cooking for about 3 minutes.

Remove to a serving plate.

From: Thailand The Beautiful Cookbook. Typed by Syd Bigger.

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