Thai calamari salad with lemon grass

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ pounds Cleaned small squid, thin-sliced in rings, tentacles divided
⅓ cup Thin slivers of red onion, about
½ teaspoon Crushed hot pepper flakes
3 teaspoons Fish sauce (nuoc mam or nam pla), or to taste
3 tablespoons Lemon juice
2 \N Inch piece tender inner part of lemon grass stalk base, finely slivered
\N \N To make 1 Tbs.
2 teaspoons Brown sugar

Fine-slivered fresh hot chili pepper or Tabasco to taste Bibb or iceberg lettuce, slivered Cilantro leaves, minced.

1. Combine squid in skillet with lightly salted boiling water to barely cover. Simmer one minute, or until opaque throughout. Drain.

Combine in dish with onion to taste. 2. In tiny pan stir pepper flakes over low heat until aromatic and toasty; be careful not to burn -- about 30 seconds. Transfer to small dish; add 2 tsps fish sauce, lemon juice, lemon grass, 1½ tsps brown sugar, and hot pepper or pepper sauce to taste. Toss with squid and onions. Let stand 5 minutes. Adjust seasoning, which should be quite fierce. 3.

Cover and chill. Serve on lettuce, sprinkled with cilantro.

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