Leftover turkey soup

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Leftover turkey bits with or without bones.
\N \N Ginger--to taste (I used several one-inch-long chunks, but I was using somewhat old ginger.)
\N \N Garlic
\N \N Onions
\N \N A little orange juice
\N \N Ground cayenne pepper

Peel ginger, cut into large chunks. Chop onion into chunks, skin garlic and separate into cloves, cutting off the hard bottom of each clove. Put all the ingredients into a large pot, except the orange juice and ground cayenne. Have the pot's cover nearby.

In a separate pot, heat some water to the boiling point.

Pour boiling water into the pot with the soup ingredients. Add just enough water to cover all ingredients. Simmer soup for several hours, in order to make stock.

Strain soup. Keep the liquid, and discard the rest--unless you are incredibly thrifty and want to add the meat to the soup.

Allow soup to cool. Strain the fat off the top. You may want to reserve the fat for dumplings, since the fat will be well-flavored with garlic and ginger.

Heat soup, stir in ground cayenne. Allow to simmer for about ½ hour.

Raise to a boil, add dumplings, or rice, or what have you, at this time.

Add the orange juice. Adjust seasonings.


I bet this would taste good if a star anise or two were thrown in with the onion, garlic, and ginger at the beginning. Or, you could probably add some Sherry just before serving as well.

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