Homemade fruit gels basic recipe

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Cold All Natural Fruit Juice Or Juice Blend
¼ cup Sugar *see note
1 \N Envelope unflavored gelatin

*Note-if using very tart juice such as Pomegranate or Cranberry, use ⅓ cup sugar. Heat 1 cup fruit juice in small saucepan until it just simmers do not cook for any length of time. Turn off heat and stir in sugar, if using. Place remaining 1 cup cold juice in a medium bowl and sprinkle gelatin over, stir, let sit for 2 minutes and stir again. Add warm juice to cold juice, stir, and pour mixture into 8x8 pan. Refrigerate until firm, 4 hours, and cut into cubes. Copyright, 1996, TV FOOD NETWORK, G.P., All Rights Reserved 11/20/96 show

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